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Where do you shoot? Do you have a studio?

I have access to a studio but most of my work is shot entirely outdoors in beautiful sunny California. I like to use natural sunlight. I shoot everywhere such as beaches, parks, in the Hollywood Hills, wherever is comfortable and fun for you.

Do you use any other types of lighting?

I use diffusion and/or reflectors to bounce the sunlight on my subjects. I’m starting to use more electrical lighting kits (strobes).

Can you shoot indoors?

Yes, if an interior setting works best for you, let’s do it. The background is heavily blurred (shallow depth of field) in most of my work but I like to pick up the colors from the background to coordinate with what my clients are wearing.

What should I wear on the shoot?

You should wear solid colors. Earth tones are good and pastels are great as well. I’d stay away from stripes, heavy plaids, or any type of logos or trademarks on blouses or shirts. After you book your photo session date, we’ll chat more about what works best for you as we get closer to your photo shoot date.

Do you do make-up?

Of course not, lol! However, I do have access to several make-up artists that will suit your needs before and during your shoot. Check the pricing section for rates.

What about hair?

Most of my clients come ready-to-go when it comes to hair but I can have someone do your hair if you need it done. Check the pricing section for rates.

How long is the photo session?

That depends on how many “looks” (wardrobe changes) you have but be prepared to spend between 1.5 – 2.5 hours during your shoot.

Do you shoot digitally? What kind of camera do you use?

Yep, I shoot digital and I take a lot of photos, usually more than you paid for at no extra charge. I use Canon’s line of Digital SLRS. Right now I’m shooting with the Canon 50D.

What do I get after the shoot?

You will be able to view your online proofs the same day of your session. You will also get a zip drive of your photo session.  

Do you provide additional retouches to photos?

If there is a photo that you really like, I can have it up and color-correct it for an additional fee. Most of your photos (other than the ones I processed) may look a bit bland but don’t worry, the photo lab will take care of that for you.

Can you get my headshots printed for me?

I don't print photos but I can refer you to the photo lab I work with. 

How can I book a photo session with you?

You can book a photo session with me right here on this site! Check out my four headshot photography packages here --> [BOOK ME]. You can also book a photo session by [Contacting Me Here]. Be sure to include your phone number. I or someone will reach back to you within 24 hours. Another way you can schedule an appointment with me is to call directly on at (626) 765-1995. Be sure to leave a detailed message for me and I usually get back within several hours.

When and how do I pay you?

In order to secure your photo session date, you are required to pay half of the total cost of your photo session in advance. This fee is non-refundable but you can re-schedule (check availability) a new appointment time at no extra charge if for some reason you can’t make your original appointment. Online payments are often made securely through Paypal, Debit, Visa, Mastercard. The remaining half of the balance is to be paid on the day of the shoot, before the session via cash, debit or credit card.

Can you help me get on television and in the movies?

I usually find myself giving advice about the entertainment business to all my clients from time to time but I’m not a manager. Feel free to ask me as many questions about the business during our initial talks and before the photo shoot. My goal is to produce extraordinary images of you that can get you an agent or manager and/or continued work as a professional actor.

Where can I purchase your photography work?

You can purchase my photos directly through this website through the “Other Works” page. 

What do you desire to achieve during your shoots? What do you look for in a client?

Everyone is beautiful in God’s sight so I look to bring out the inner beauty and presence in a person. My goal is to somehow capture the real you, the natural you, during my shoots. Less is more and you’ll find yourself getting more comfortable when you don’t try so hard. Being true to yourself in who you are is the secret to your success. Hopefully you’ll feel at ease with me during your shoot!